Ten 2008 Winter Movie Reviews

“Bedtime Stories”: Adam Sandler, CGI, and so many
crazy effects you won’t even notice the plot holes.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Everything
old is young again—even F. Scott Fitzgerald stories.
“The Day the Earth Stood Still”: Calling occupants
of interplanetary craft. Klaatu, right?
“Four Christmases”: Sly holiday family
dysfunction? Eh. Steenburgen as cougar? Pass.
Frost/Nixon: Sock it to me, Opie!
“Gran Torino”: A racist Clint Eastwood meets the
Tao of Asia over a 1972 muscle car? Okie-dokie.
“Last Chance Harvey”: Didn’t Dustin Hoffman
already play Willy Loman?
“Marley & Me”: Overrated cute dog book now latest
notch in Jennifer Aniston’s lukewarm features belt.
“Seven Pounds”: At current exchange rates, that’s
$10.26 I’ll save not seeing this.
Valkyrie: For those who just couldn’t wait until
Valentine’s Day to see Tom Cruise try to kill Hitler.

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